Fine Leather Upgrades for Porsche Models.          


"Wow! Got the Triangles about two minutes ago. They look super. Will get them on tomorrow and will be sending you my triangles and my door pulls . Door pulls will be black leather with red stitching also."

"I'm really enjoying the leather pieces from you for my 997. Hope you're doing well. Quite a few of the forum members are learning about your great leather pieces at reasonable prices. Glad they are getting their pieces from you"

"I also ordered the entire PCM section in leather and should receive it by week's end. i've tried ordering this in the past and the price was staggering = not to mention needing a VIN of a car that already had the option."

"I just installed a set of these on my car that I ordered thru Frank at they are absolutely beautiful and are IDENTICAL to the factory leather and stitching. I already had leather door finishers on the car and this really completes the look."

"I contacted Suncoast and went thru the whole VIN thing. they said they could get it, but couldn't tell me when i'd get it, or how much it would cost. I was told it could be approach $6K!!! Ordered it from exclusive option and should arrive in the next few days. cost was around $1,600 and everything they do has a core exchange so you get some money back."

"Before I found them I was lurking on ebay trying to score used Porsche leather parts to replace plastic pieces in my car but now I can get new factory quality leather parts from Exclusive Options. I haven't been able to find anyone else who can match the factory quality and even exceed it and have so much variety in trim pieces. If you want to replace your interior plastic pieces with high quality Porsche leather then honestly your not going to find anywhere better than this."


"The communication with Exclusive Option was great - every email was answered in a timely manner and i've been kept up to date on how my order is progressing. I couldn't be happier with my transaction and would recommend them highly recommended, one more thing. he also offers all of the Porsche deviated stitching. mine was the std. charcoal color."

"Maybe talk to the guys at Exclusive Options to see if they can match the stitching on the shift boot to that great green stitching in the rest of the interior. I purchased a few leather w/stitching parts from them and the quality was great."

"I have the Exclusive Option's leather pieces, and the quality of the stitching, as well as, the leather is practically equaled to OEM. You cannot tell the difference, IMO."

"I am really anal about things and I can really say that Frank must have worked at the Porsche Leather Dept!! I am not here to steal away other vendors, I really LOVE Suncoast Parts and their pricing, but Frank has is products below their price and lead time of 10-12 days from the time you order to the time you get it and that only happens when you order crazy colors like I have, Carrera Red. If you have the common colors, cut 5 days away from that. His customer service and his emails are perfect and again his work is 100% OEM, if not better!!! Check him"


"Hey guys Exclusive Options is the real deal. Forget buying from the dealer, or used stuff on ebay. I initially bought a few leather pieces for my car and was blown away by the quality and craftsmanship so went all out and bought everything I could. The price is reasonable and well worth it. my car looks, smells, and feels like it came from the factory with everything leather. I introduced the site to my friend and he got alot of his interior leather parts from them. Everything from console parts, mirror door trims, chrono pod, ignition dash trim, and other miscellaneous pieces, which complete the interior giving it a high quality feel." 

"I just ordered a few pieces from Frank at exclusive options - including the big one - all 3 pieces of the PCM. didn't order this from factory and always kicked myself. prices was actually a bit lower than factory. Everything i've heard and my dealings with him have been great. he emailed me the other day and said they are coming out beautifully."

"I just received the first pieces of my order from exclusive options. I ordered the door handles (I already had the leather door finishers from the factory) and I am glad to say they are absolutely beautiful. The leather and stitching is absolutely IDENTICAL to the rest of the factory leather options."

"I had a lot of leather that I ordered when I spec'd the car. Left some out as I thought I needed to stop somewhere. After some time I realized I regretted not getting more of it. I ordered leather sun visors and leather dome lamp cover from suncoast and it looks great and they were very good to deal with. I had always kicked myself for not getting the PCM in leather but again, figured I had to stop myself. I think it was around $2,200 from the factory."